Downey Family Dental Dentist Chair

What Patients are Saying:

Nancy A.:

I was recommended this dentist by a collegue. I had an amazing time from the appointment to the cleaning. The staff is an awesome, I loved the follow up to see how I was feeling or if I had any pain. The shots (anesthesia) I must say we’re the best literally no pain. I wanted to personally try it before recommending and writing there first review. YAY! . I will be coming back and bring the whole family . Telling all my friends and family members. By the way the hours are the icing on the cake, with my busy schedule they’re flexibility makes it easy to make sure I get my cleaning done.

Cynthya C.:

I visited this office in late March for my regular cleaning. I appreciate how they offered to let me watch any movie that I preferred. When the time for my cleaning came, I liked how they were gentle and how they were also very friendly. They referred me to Brace Connection as well. I enjoyed my experience here and I look forward to returning in October for my regular cleaning again.

Demajuja T.:

First time coming to this office….first thing i notice when i walked in was how clean the office is. The entire office is clean actually. ….even their restroom! The staff is extremely nice and have lots of patience. The doctors are very informative on what they need to do and makes sure you’re comfortable to asking if you would like to listen to music or watch a movie. I’m definitely coming back. Will most definitely refer my friends and family here. Finally a dental office that cares a lot for their patients!!!

David L.:

I was recommended by a friend to try out this office since the dental office I was going to was always trying to upsale me procedures I didn’t need. The staff and doctors here are very professional and friendly.

I had a cavity and that means I need a shot. I’m terrified of needles and told the doctor that. He was good at hiding the syringe from my view and distracted me when he had to give it to me. Overall, great visit as much as a dental visit could be.