Yelp Reviews

  •   Always a pleasure working with this great staff! Professional and amazing customer service! A+

    thumb Cruz H.
  •   Very clean, family friendly and honest dental care. They definitely explain all options with pros and cons.

    thumb Michelle B.
  •   I alway have an excellent time at Family Dental Office. The staff always make me feel comfortable & I feel like family.
    Thanks DFD for ur awesome work.

    thumb Michael G.
  •   First visit and was very impressed. Staff was very welcoming. Spoke with Jessica over the phone and she was very helpful and not short or rude, like others I had called. Loved Dr. Nguy and his demeanor. He spoke to us very plainly and matter of fact and I didn't feel like we were being bamboozled in any way. The lady helping us with our billing and insurance, was also very helpful and great attitude. Will definitely be back.

    thumb K R.
  •   Everyone was super friendly, from the receptionist, technicians, all the way down to the dentist. They were informative and answered all of my questions with care. I don't like going to the dentist but they all made me feel comfortable from start to finish. I will be recommending.

    thumb Daisy M.
  •   I loved my experience here and I truly felt like the staff at Downey Family Dental cared about my experience and didn't push me to do anything I wasn't comfortable with. A lot of the times when you are going to the dentist, it can feel like going to the mechanic where they tell you you have so much work that needs to be done when in actuality, you just had one cavity. Phoebe was funny, informative, and professional as my dental hygienist. Dr. Brian also helped me to determine whether or not I needed my root canal and was saying that I didn't need one if it was just occasional sensitivity (that molar in particular had been dug out multiple times so the filling I currently have doesn't do much to dull the nerve). It was only after I told him that my pain has been getting worse where I've been having shooting pains every day that he recommended getting the root canal. Thank you all for your dedication and your level of care provided to your patients. I'll be recommending you guys to everyone I know! ūüôā

    thumb Emily W.
  •   Love everything about this dentist office. Everyone is very friendly and they greet you by your first name. This place is like a hidden gem since it's on the corner lot next to a cleaners and food place.

    thumb Shanah A.
  •   Met with the team for the first time and it was an honest and welcoming experience. ¬†The staff was accommodating to my son's dental needs, scheduling him same day on a Saturday, when the schedule was already booked. Not only did they accommodate us but were kind in their explanation about coordinating a suitable time to perform the treatment without much of a wait. ¬†The dentist experience was exactly what it should be, friendly, patient, attentive and honest. ¬†Dr. Derick N was informative and "real". ¬†My son needs two permanent crowns, related to an accident he had when he was 8. ¬†Dr Derick demonstrated having my son's best interest first when he explained that the most effective treatment plan will involve postponing the crowns, the reasons too extensive to explain here, but I assure you that his explanation was wise and that he prefers to wait shows what dentistry should be - patient centered!

    thumb Anissa M.
  •   Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. ¬†They took us in on an emergency visit and made us feel very welcomed. ¬†Definitely will recommend to friends and family. ¬†It is conveniently located and extremely clean!!

    thumb Nancy R.
  •   I thought I'd never say this... but I REALLY enjoyed my visit today! ¬†Everyone from the staff to the doctor were amazing. ¬†The doctor went over my x-rays in great detail with me. ¬†Something that no doctor has ever done before. ¬†And he doesn't try to "up-sell" you on any procedure, but would rather conserve the integrity of your teeth. ¬†Both he and the dental hygienist were gentle. ¬†Normally when I go in for cleanings, I leave with sore gums, and my teeth aren't that bad. ¬†It's been 2 hours since my visit, and still no pain. ¬†I also had a loose crown and the doctor could have ripped me off by saying there was corrosion beneath the crown and that I would need a new one, but thank God he was honest. ¬†No corrosion, cleaned up my crown and re-cemented it back in place. ¬†Saved me several hundred dollars. ¬†Thanks doc!

    I will be back in 6 months... and I'm looking forward to it rather than dreading it as I have in the past.

    Thank you so much for being great at what you do, but more importantly --- for being honest.  That is so hard to come by these days, especially in dentistry.  God Bless you!

    thumb AnnMarie L.