Teeth whitening is a common trend that has been valued for a very long time. Who wouldn’t want pearly white teeth? While there are toothpaste and over the counter whiteners available at your local supply store, the best place for quality whitening is at your dental office.

Over the counter teeth whitening products contain a low dosage of bleaching agents that is considered safe to use by the ADA. And through routine and proper application, your teeth can become whiter with minimal side effects.

However, there is a common misconception that the longer the whitening strip is left on, the whiter his or her teeth will become. Because of this, many people suffer from extreme sensitivity from their teeth following a self-whitening procedure.

At the dental office, our professionals are trained and equipped with the proper resources to optimize your teeth whitening. The products we use contain a higher dosage of bleaching agent which allows the whitening process to be quick, and at the same time, reduce the prevalence of extreme sensitivity. We also provide you with a quick reference to how must the shading will change from the bleaching treatment.