Your first visit to our office is an important one. It is the initial step in taking control of your oral health and maintaining that perfect smile. After you have checked in for your appointment, you will be given a few forms to fill out in regards to your health history.

A full mouth x-ray is conducted afterwards by one of our assistants, which consists of 18 individual shots of all your teeth. Often times if there are wisdom teeth still present in the mouth a panoramic x-ray is also taken in order to observe the progression of the third molar development.

Once the x-rays are completed, the dentist will go through some basic dental education to help you read and understand your x-rays. A visual exam is then conducted where our dentists look at your teeth to verify the findings presented on the x-rays. Intra-oral photographs may also be taken of the decay that has occurred in order to help you better visualize your oral health. These photographs may also be used to help support your insurance coverage.

At the conclusion of the examination, our dentists encourage any questions or concerns that need to be addressed. Once a mutual understanding has been reached between doctor and patient in regards to the treatment plan, our treatment/patient coordinator will provide you with the breakdown of your plan. This breakdown will demonstrate the treatments and percentage covered by your insurance plan, any out-of-pocket costs, as well as alternative financial options as necessary.

Full Mouth X-Ray
Panoramic X-Ray